Our Approach

The Approach of Tesoro in the design and manufacturing of its products is based on providing unparalleled quality, features, design, and pricing. Computer peripherals have become an integral element of both the gaming and overall computing experience. This has created a demand for peripherals that go beyond the norm and break with conventions of design and production. Our main products include keyboards, mice, and headsets.

Matching premium parts and innovative engineering design, our products offer users a truly unique user experience without a single compromise. By breaking the pattern, breaking the rules, Tesoro is able bring innovation to new levels and offer game-changing products.

TESORO Technology Inc.

Taiwan Office

Address: 9F-4,#79, sec 1 ,Hsin Tai Wu Rd., HsiChih District,New Taipei City , Taiwan R.O.C
Tel: +886-8698-3808

US Office

Address: 142N Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA, 95035, USA
Tel: +1(408)-600-1222

China Office

Address: Room 2510,No.325,Tian Yao Qiao Road,Xuhui District,Shanghai 20030,China
Tel: +86-215-4098362


Tesoro is at the heart of innovation bringing each year some of the revolutionary technologies that set new standards in the industry. From 2011, when Tesoro was founded, our company put a lot of efforts to provide best products that are available in the market making sure they are both innovative and rightly positioned. From day one, we were the first company to introduce full nkey rollover to every single model we carry. Further, we are the first company to allow gamer program every single key in the keyboard to their liking, and we are the world first company to introduce RGB keyboards, years before the competition caught up. Our most recent innovation is the special anti-bacterial coating that we are introducing to our new mice series. We are always pushing our R&D to the limit to ensure products are built to perform and make them fun for everyone.


Here at the Tesoro our goal is to ensure products last for a very long time. We put a lot of attention that build quality is extremely good by using the best components in the market. Our products come with high-quality top covers to ensure drop tests, extremely durable braided cables with golden plugs to ensure good connection, metal plates in keyboards to withstand the most rigorous gaming. The story does not stop here – in keyboards, we open our own production of keycaps with specially carved keycaps that are both anti-sweating and will not lose the crisp lettering even after many years of use. We put tons of attention to tiny details with one thing in mind – our gamers.


While we put a lot of attention to ensure our products are of highest quality, we spend an equal amount of time to create ultimate performance products with amazing design in mind. Tesoro products are separated in two main design concepts – first are modern and elegant. The second concept is more mythical in nature. Both concepts are created by different teams of designers to ensure that every smallest detail, keycap, wheel, button, switch, cable, painting and surface – are created for gamers and professional eSport teams. While the products must look good, and they do, we go a step above that and create the products that feel really good to hold with extremely good and tested ergonomics.


Before Tesoro launched its first product, it was already sponsoring eSport organizations and we continue to do so. We have been working with world largest teams as well as small local amateur teams to give everyone a chance to compete on the large scale. Not only Tesoro sponsor teams, we also sponsor events all over the world ranging from online tournaments to world championship tournaments. Due to experience in eSport in all levels, from working with the world best to amateurs, it gives us the knowledge to design products specifically needed for gamers. All we want to accomplish is provide best gaming experience and driving eSport has been one of the best choices we ever made.


To be successful, you need to have a strong foundation and understanding of the business and its ethics. We value every single of our customers, no matter how large or small the customer is. We believe in building an everlasting partnership to expand into new horizons and develop new markets where we can study habits of different gamers and collect ideas for our future world first technologies.


We want to assist our customers in any way possible and to improve customer service, we have completely redesigned and recoded our official website to have state of the art customer support. We make ourselves available in all means necessary to help you get in touch with us in case you have an issue with the product or wish to provide us some suggestions. Not only that, we are now getting our feet wet in numerous forums, social medias and streaming services and whenever our support agents see an unsolved issue, we will open an automatic ticket and reach out to you.


At the end of the day, we are just like you. We dream big and want to achieve success in whatever we focus on. Each year everyone at Tesoro write a wish list of what they wish to be and many times we are not that different than our customers. Some wish to build an eSport team and play together, some wish to reach legendary ranks in Hearthstone, others wish best for their families. We are not that different and we don’t try to be. We understand you well. We might be different in only one exception – our main goals are always to provide ultimate gaming gear for all of us to use.