Zone Series

In the design of the Zone Series, Tesoro set its focus on choosing premium materials that offer true ergonomics with unmatched durability. Bringing together all the essentials in an affordable yet luxurious package, the Zone Series allows you to get in the zone, and stay there.

Alphaeon Series

Alphaeon is inspired by the combination of “alpha” and “aeon”, which means to stand and lead the trend but also to be sustainable. In the design of Alphaeon series, it is the premium sub-brand of Tesoro with higher quality materials and details to meet high expectations that ideally fits in with any stylish decor, from enthusiast gaming mancave to luxury office.

Real Madrid Gaming Chair

Seat of Champions

Real Madrid gaming chair replicates the similar shape of the VIP seat area at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The stadium is one of the world most famous football venues and also known as The HOME of Real Madrid FC since 1947, where all the fans can watch, cheer and feel the adrenaline of every beat of the Los Blancos’s matches. With that in mind, TESORO brings this vibe closer to fans so they can experience at their very own home for the utmost comfortable.