Tesoro® Announces GRAM SE Spectrum Optical Keyboard

product news

06/2017- The GRAM SE Spectrum Optical Keyboard brings forth unparalleled speed and accuracy. Experience blazing response times as well as precise actuation to give you the upper hand during intense, competitive gaming sessions. Adopt Tesoro’s Optical switch technology to eliminate the headaches that come with traditional key switches – gone are the days of delayed response times, double typing and wear and tear from metal contact.

Heighten your gaming experience with full RGB, per-key lighting options, coupled with fully programmable keys and instant macro and lighting recording, allowing for total customization. Revel in the solid, quality key feel of the GRAM SE Spectrum for comfortable hours of game play.




  • Featuring Tesoro’s Optical switch technology
  • Fastest switch response time of 0.1ms
  • Precise actuation for optimized game play; Non-contact signal eliminates double typing
  • Extreme durability with an optical sensor life span of 100k hours
  • Beautiful, solid metal top casing
  • Anti-particle and spill protection
  • Full key customization & Instant Macro and Lighting Recording
  • Hot swappable switches
  • 6-key and N-key rollover options