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When you first time use Tesoro keyboard, you need to make sure all windows drivers have been installed properly.

After plugging in Tesoro keyboard to your system, if you are using Windows operating, windows will first install all necessary drivers.

Please wait for drivers installation until it is completed.


You can try with following steps and see if it can resolve your problem:


  1. Resetting Tesoro Keyboard to factory setting. Unplug your keyboard, press down both B key and L key, plug in your keyboard to your computer while continuing pressing down B and L keys for 3 seconds and release B and L keys.
  2. If you have any Tesoro software installed, uninstall all. Please backup your preference, profile, or configuration before uninstall software.
  3. Uninstall operating system drivers. Go to your device manager, or right click on your Windows Start icon from lower left corner on your screen and select device manager, find “Human Interface Devices” and expand the list, you will find few “USB Input Device”. Double click on each of them and in properties, find “Details” tab and you will see Property and Value inside. Change Property to “Hardware Ids” and at value box it will show something similar to “USB\VID_xxxx&PID_xxxx&xxxx”. Find “USB Input Device” that Hardware Ids are begin with “USB\VID_195D” and uninstall all of them while leaving your keyboard still plugged in on your system. Shutdown your computer, unplug your keyboard, restart your computer, and once your system is fully booted into operating system, plugged in your Tesoro keyboard and wait for all necessary drivers being installed.
  4. Download and update keyboard firmware from Tesoro website product page.
  5. Reinstall Tesoro keyboard software.