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Mechanical Keyboard Switch has different types and different pressing force, and normally switches are categorized in common colors of : Red switches, Blue switches, Brown switches, and Black switches. There are also other colors and each switch has its own characteristics.

There are Linear mechanical switch, Tactile mechanical switch, and Clicky mechanical switch giving you different sound on key press. Each switch also comes with different Actuation Force, Actuation Point and Travel Distance making key press feels light or heavy.

You can find what is your keyboard switch and its color by remove a keyboard key-cap, or from your keyboard packaging where listed your product model number and switch type.

If you are experiencing the key press is too soft or too heavy, it may be not the right type of mechanical keyboard switch for you. We recommended you go to your local computer store, try all mechanical switch, feel the pressing sound and force, and pick the one that is comfortable and suits your fingers.

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