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If you are experiencing your long keys such as space bar, shift keys, return key, backspace key, or numpad plus key are not returning to original position, stuck, or not as smooth as it should be, it can be the stabilizer is not functional properly.

You can try with following steps and see if it can resolve your problem:


  1. Remove the keycap by pulling the key up slowly and making sure you detach the wire carefully. Once you have the keycap removed, press down the switch and check if it is in smooth operation. If you found the switch is not operating smoothly, you may want to clean up the switch.
  2. The clip can be removed by moving one side in opposite direction. The example in the photo below move the top piece in direction where the red arrow points at and lift the clip up. If you are not able to move the clip, try on the other side.
  3. If the clip was not installed properly, it does not have enough room for your keycap mount insert.
  4. Try to remove the clip and reinstall it, a proper installed clip should have enough room for keycap mount insert as shown below.
  5. Apply lubrication where the wire attaches to the clip and keycap mount insert. Reinstall the keycap and test your key.