Tesoro® Technology Appoints New Vice President of Sales and Marketing and New Global Marketing Director

 Tesoro Technology, a leading manufacturer of high-tech gaming products, has announced the appointment of two new senior managers to refine the Tesoro brand and drive sales and growth.

Swedish-born, Johan Borggren will step in as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With a mission to continue the company’s success in the gaming peripherals industry, Borggren will be responsible for strategically developing and maintaining partnerships with key distributors and resellers in all markets and channels to drive the company’s growth moving forward.

American-born, Lucas Wiltse has been named the Global Marketing Director at Tesoro. This leadership position will see him take on responsibility for the planning and implementation of the global marketing strategy in close collaboration with product management and sales.

Borggren and Wiltse bring over 20 years of management experience in the IT industry. Together they will develop the necessary strategies to drive Tesoro’s re-focused determination to deliver it’s best in class products to the market.

About Tesoro Technology Inc.
Tesoro Technology Inc is a team of multi-nationals gaming enthusiasts, with an objective to design unique products specially catered to the gamers. Tesoro focus on PC gaming and its mission is to create products with better design, reaching for peak performances and extreme high quality.

In the recent years the gaming industry has developed into the ultra-competitive market that we see today. Tesoro continues to strive for the best and continuously evaluate its performance against the very best of the best and it is proud to present one of the world top gaming products.

Tesoro could not exist without the gaming community who inspire to excel in the design and production of award winning gear. As a gamers company, Tesoro continues to expand into new horizons and push the limit further with each product unveiling.

TESORO – Break the Rules: http://www.tesorotec.com